Since we launched Tennis for Good a week ago or so, we’ve added six new retail partners. Many of the names will probably be new to you. One of them surely isn’t — it’s Amazon! We are now an affiliate partner of this online marketing giant.What this means: If you ‘bounce’ to Amazon using the link listed on this page,  Tennis for Good will get a commission on any and all Amazon purchases you make for the next 24 hours.

If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, the commissions will add up rapidly, the commissions will add up rapidly — and that means more money for the grassroots nonprofits we support that bring tennis to people in underserved countries and communities.

Our other affiliate partners as of today, June 15th, are:

  • Body Helix (compression sleeves, hydration products and more)
  • Final Tennis (a ‘find a partner to play with’ service)
  • Holabird Sport (a great family-owned store that competes directly with Tennis Warehouse et al.)
  • Oncourt Offcourse (training aids and equipment for tennis, pickleball, fitness, yoga and more)
  • RIA Eyewear (great sports glasses! I own a pair and swear by ’em).
  • Tennis Hacker (great online coach with an innovative approach — he helps you retrain your brain).
    Winston Wellbeing (online supplements supermarket offering access to over 250 brands and 16,000 products, many of which are only sold through medical professionals).

Please stop by our shop page and do a ‘bounce-and-buy!’ It won’t cost you a penny extra and it will bring tennis to deserving people around the world. Thank you!

Welcome to the soft launch of the Tennis for Good website! Please feel free to explore the pages, kick the virtual tires … and provide feedback!

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be expanding our network of retail partners, evolving our coaching offers, opening our merch store, and more. The wheels are turning, but we’re not at full speed yet. We’ll officially launch in a month or two.

Still, there are actions you can take today.

If you bounce to Holabird Sports or Body Helix from our shop page, your purchases will produce sales commissions for us that we will then donate to our nonprofit partners. In this limited but important sense, Tennis for Good is underway!

You can sign up for our mailing list. That way, we can keep you updated on our progress and the opportunities that creates for you.

You can, as I wrote above, provide feedback and suggestions. Do you know values-aligned online vendors or other operations like social media specialists who might want to join forces with us? Would you like to be actively involved in ways that go beyond shopping? If so, please let us know.

And, of course, we welcome donations.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. And please sign up for our mailing list! It’ll take a tennis village for us to succeed.

As Tennis for Good gets off the ground, I find myself with a basic decision. Do we want to build out in the old-fashioned way in which we, the project’s owners, build something privately and then, once it’s reached what we deem to be a ready-to-reveal starting line, pull back the curtain and show it to you? Or do we tell you what we want to do and invite you to join us … invite you to come on board and build it with us?

This hasn’t been a close decision. Let’s cocreate this project together. Let’s build this with the power of community!

Do you have time or skills to contribute? Please consider volunteering! We’re operating on a shoestring and that won’t change until we’ve built up some momentum.

Do you have or do you know people with online retail businesses who’d consider partnering with us? Please contact us! As a retail partner for Tennis for Good, you’ll get new ‘eyeballs’ on your business, and you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to put tennis rackets in the hands of people around the world.

Thoughts? Feedback? Ideas? Lay ’em on us!

We’re all ears, except for the part of us that holds a tennis racket.


We’ve launched our Health & Wellness category with Winston Wellbeing, an enormous  supplement supermarket that offers over 16,000 products from over 250 vendors, including many who only sell through professionals. Names like Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, Metagenics and Life Extension are among the many vendors.

Imagine an Amazon for supplements with storefronts owned and managed by medical professionals. Here, Wellevate by Fullscript is the name of the ‘Amazon,’ and Winston Wellbeing is one of its storefronts. Thus Winston Wellbeing has access to the enormous range of vendors and products offered by the marketplace provider.

The prices are great, too. All customers get a standard 25% off the list price.

Even better, 100% of the net proceeds (revenue minus costs) will be donated directly to Tennis for Good! In fact, they’ll be deposited directly in Tennis for Good’s bank account.

How is this possible? Well, it just so happens that the ‘Winston’ in Winston Wellbeing is the wife of Tennis for Good’s executive director Carl Frankel. It’s a family affair! We’re delighted to be supporting the lift-off of Tennis for Good in this manner.

You can order supplements on a one-off basis or you can easily set up recurring orders. However you do it, every time you look after your own health by taking supplements, you’ll also be raising for grassroots tennis programs around the world. Eighty percent of the revenue derived from Winston Wellbeing will go to our nonprofit partners.