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Tennis/Sports Equipment

Founded by tennis players, BodyHelix develops and brings to market the highest quality compression products, sports gear, hydration products, and apparel.

A leading vendor of running, racquet sport equipment, and athletic footwear. Carries most major brands of racquets, shoes and gear for tennis, squash and racquetball players, as well as a huge selection of running shoes.

Richard Brice is one of the most innovative coaches in the world. His focus in on brain health — balance, vision and so on. You can only get as much better as your brain allows you to! His courses brilliantly address this core issue.

Final Tennis. Final Tennis helps people find players at their level to play with. Traveling on business and need a tennis fix? Final Tennis is how to do it!

One of the world’s top creative resources for training aids and equipment for tennis, pickleball, fitness, yoga and more.

RIA Eyewear serves up eyewear engineered to boost your performance, protect your vision, and give you the edge you need on the tennis, pickleball, and squash court.


Winston Wellbeing is an online supplement supermarket. It offers over 15,000 products from 350 vendors, many of whom sell only through medical professionals. Vendors include Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, Life Extension, and many more.

The world’s largest online retailer. You can get anything you want at the Amazon ‘restaurant!’

Cutting-edge brain-entrainment programs using aural brain-massages, Use for stress relief, to sleep better, to enhance your meditation practice, to open your heart, and for other reasons.

Organic coffee from a company with great values. “The best coffee I’ve ever had” (Executive Director Carl Frankel).

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