Tennis For Good is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations by U.S. citizens are tax-deductible. (If you’re not a U.S. citizen, please check your tax laws.)

Our business model is simple and straightforward. We everage the collective power of consumers’ purses via an affiliate-marketing model, which makes it possible for shoppers to generate revenue for Tennis for Good and our nonprofit partners without paying a penny extra.

We also offer online courses and personalized video coaching. Shop-and-serve, improve-and-serve!

We contribute eighty percent of these two revenue streams to our nonprofit partners. The remaining twenty percent helps defray our costs, but it doesn’t cover them. This is why your donations are so important.

Donations will only go to cover operating expenses — marketing costs, app development, and the like. Donations will not go to executive salaries.

Basically, we’re building a faucet that leaks money to grassroots tennis nonprofits — but we can’t get the word out without your donations. Thank you!

PS. Here’s another great way to donate — buy a video coaching session for a talented young person in one of our grassroots partner’s tennis programs! You’ll not only be helping them get better at tennis, you’ll also be connecting them to the outside world — and you’ll be showing them that someone cares!

Thank you in advance! Your donation will help us bring tennis to deserving people around the world.