We can’t do this without you,
the consumer!

A message from our founder:

When you bounce from this website to one of our retail partners and buy products or services there, you generate a sales commission for Tennis for Good.

When you buy one of our great curated online courses or purchase online video coaching from one of our fabulous faculty members … ditto!

These are the funds that we distribute to our nonprofit partners.

These are the funds that bring tennis to kids and adults in underserved countries and communities around the world.

You can support our work in four ways:

  • By shopping: You can ‘bounce-and-buy’ from our great Retail Partners. You can also buy our books and merchandise. Our books have gotten fabulous reviews — our merch looks good and tells a great story.
  • By investing in your game: Buy one of our curated courses or personal video coaching from our Teaching Partners.
  • By donating. You can donate directly to Tennis for Good. Or, you can donate a free video coaching session to a talented youngster in a Nonprofit Partner program.
  • By spreading the word!

You, the tennis consumer, are our engine — you are the fuel. We can’t possibly succeed without you. Please support us and help to bring the great game of tennis to kids and adults around the world!