New Retail Partner!

We’ve launched our Health & Wellness category with Winston Wellbeing, an enormous  supplement supermarket that offers over 16,000 products from over 250 vendors, including many who only sell through professionals. Names like Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, Metagenics and Life Extension are among the many vendors.

Imagine an Amazon for supplements with storefronts owned and managed by medical professionals. Here, Wellevate by Fullscript is the name of the ‘Amazon,’ and Winston Wellbeing is one of its storefronts. Thus Winston Wellbeing has access to the enormous range of vendors and products offered by the marketplace provider.

The prices are great, too. All customers get a standard 25% off the list price.

Even better, 100% of the net proceeds (revenue minus costs) will be donated directly to Tennis for Good! In fact, they’ll be deposited directly in Tennis for Good’s bank account.

How is this possible? Well, it just so happens that the ‘Winston’ in Winston Wellbeing is the wife of Tennis for Good’s executive director Carl Frankel. It’s a family affair! We’re delighted to be supporting the lift-off of Tennis for Good in this manner.

You can order supplements on a one-off basis or you can easily set up recurring orders. However you do it, every time you look after your own health by taking supplements, you’ll also be raising for grassroots tennis programs around the world. Eighty percent of the revenue derived from Winston Wellbeing will go to our nonprofit partners.

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