The Tennis for Good vision will succeed to the extent that word spreads virally. It’s so easy to support us if you’re an online shopper who loves tennis! But people must find out about us first.

Please tell your friends about Tennis for Good, using email or whatever social media platforms suit your fancy. It will make a huge difference and your outreach will help us bring our great game to more and more people around the world.

An angel may not get its wings every time you tell a friend, but a kid somewhere will get a tennis racket.

Here are some images and, below the images, some sample copy that you are welcome to pilfer to your heart’s content.


I’ve just found out about a great tennis nonprofit called Tennis for Good. The folks there raise money for grassroots tennis nonprofits – by getting people to bounce from the Tennis for Good website to online vendors they’re in partnership with. Whether it’s tennis equipment or something else — and it can be just about anything; Amazon is a partner — Tennis for Good gets a sale commission every time you buy, and they then donate 80% of that money to their nonprofit partners. ‘Bouncing and buying’ is a great way to get tennis into the hands of people in underserved countries and communities who otherwise wouldn’t get exposed to our great game. And you can do so without its costing you an extra penny! Please join me in supporting our friends at Tennis for Good.

Thank you!

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