Today’s Throwback Meditation: What Is a ‘Good Player?’

A tennis pal of mine recently said he‘s looking for matches with “good players.” That got me wondering: How do I define ‘good player?’ Is it —

  • Someone who could or should beat me?
  • Someone with solid or enviable technique?
  • Someone who hits a big ball?
  • Someone who challenges me and is fun to play with even if I’m clearly the better player?

This isn‘t an idle question. How we answer it tells us a lot about our own tennis aspirations — about why we spend time on the tennis court. Do we want to be a better tennis player? A more elegant tennis player? A more powerful tennis player? Are fun and lifelong learning why I spend time on the tennis court?

Down which of these lanes do your tennis ambitions travel? To be better? More stylish? More powerful? To keep learning? Are there other definitions of ‘good player’ that work better for you? What does this tell you about who you want to be in your life?

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