Winston Wellbeing, our lead sponsor, is a best-in-class online dispensary that sells supplements, herbs, and personal-care products. The company offers over 300 brands, 17,000+ products (many of which are only available through medical professionals), all at prices that match or are better than anything else you’ll find on or off the web.

Tennis for Good does not have an affiliate relationship with Winston Wellbeing. It’s better than that! A straight 20% of all net proceeds is donated directly to Tennis for Good.

How is this possible? Because Winston Wellbeing is owned by Carl Frankel, who is also the founder and the executive director of Tennis for Good. Thus, when you shop at Winston Wellbeing, you’re creating a ‘win-win-win’:

  • You’re helping yourself. If you’re in the market for supplements, you can’t do better than Winston Wellbeing (see below for a deeper explanation).
  • You’re helping the executive director of Tennis for Good (and his wife, and his three cats). Think of it as the equivalent of “buy this guy a cup of coffee,” the current expression for offering a small financial thank-you to someone for work they’re doing out of the goodness of their heart. (Carl doesn’t take a salary — his nonprofit work is on a totally volunteer basis).
  • You’re helping people in low-asset communities around the world. Eighty percent of that 20% payout will go directly to the three grassroots nonprofits we support who are bringing the great game of tennis to disadvantaged people around the world. Every time you make a purchase at Winston Wellbeing, you’re helping a kid in an orphanage, a woman in a refugee camp, a teenager in Kampala …

How can a business as small as Winston Wellbeing provide such great selection, product quality, and prices? Because we’ve teamed up with a big company called Fullscript that manages relationships with product suppliers, fulfillment, customer service, and the rest. Imagine a vast storehouse containing a huge assortment of supplements, herbs and personal-care products. The storehouse has lots of doors opening onto it. These doors are the province of medical professionals who offer access to the storehouse to their clients and communities. Winston Wellbeing is one of those ‘doors.’ Carl Frankel’s wife Sheri Winston is a medical professional, which is why they’re allowed to offer this service. (It also explains why many of the products offered by Winston Wellbeing are only available through medical professionals.)

The result: Small-company relationship, big-company economies and efficiencies! Try Winston Wellbeing. You’ll like it! And so will people around the world who are getting access to tennis because of it.

(PS. It’s totally legal and aboveboard for a company that’s owned by X to commit proceeds to a nonprofit founded and run by X.)