A tennis pal of mine recently said he‘s looking for matches with “good players.” That got me wondering: How do I define ‘good player?’ Is it — Someone who could or should beat me? Someone with solid or enviable technique? Someone who hits a big ball? Someone who challenges me and is fun to play […]

I recently started teaching tennis at a nearby adult-getaway tennis camp. I’m feeling my way into the work, and I’ve noted some good things and some bad things about my level. I know the game and I have, I believe, an interesting take on it — that’s a positive. As for the negatives, I seem […]

When I play a match against someone whose game I’m familiar with, I go out with expectations. “I should beat this guy two and three.” “I’ll be lucky if I get to four and four.” And so on. It’s my version of what Gambling World calls the over-under: “A bet on whether the outcome of […]

I had a pretty wild vision the other night. I was listening to a brain-entrainment program from IAwake Technologies, and as it was doing its thing, feeding my hemispheres with specialized brainwaves, an immensely clear understanding announced itself to me. I saw our normal selves, our normal egos, as — cue the wordplay — a […]

I had a bad day at the tennis office yesterday morning — and it felt great. I’ve been working on playing more freely when I compete. You may recognize yourself in this: I tend to get tight and play conservatively in matches. When I do go for it, because I’m tight, I muscle up and […]

You’re probably familiar with the standard operating procedure for tennis clinics. If it’s for beginners, the teacher feeds balls, keeps the energy level high, and — if they’re doing their job — provides individual feedback. With more advanced students, they typically focus on strategy with the occasional personal tip. This approach, while familiar, fun, and […]